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Worth seeing in Pajala

For friends of nature and cultural history there is a lot to see in Pajala.
Book your visit already today, experience the grand nature and feel wing flaps of history.

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Vasikkavuoma is one of northern Europes largest haymaking bogs. The surface is 250 hectares in when it was the mostly used there were app 350 barns. At the moment there are some 70 barns left. The name Vasikkavuoma most likely originates from the Lapp word Wasckjåck.

The open bog landscape provides a rich bird and plant life. In total there are 50 different plant species growing on the bog creating a "plant society" typical for a rich haymaking bog that is becoming increasingly rare. Among other there are several orchid species growing in the bog, among them the rare Lapp Key.

In spring a large number of migrating birds come here to rest during their flight to their breeding grounds in the north. During spring you can here the cranes sing all over the village announcing the arrival of the summer even though it may feel far away in time. For several years a couple of cranes have been using the bog as their breeding ground. Several species of wading birds also use the bog as their breeding ground which in the summer makes it a nursery for several species which would otherwise become extinct.
Source: Heart of Lapland

The Laestadius Vicarage/Museum

The Laestadius Vicarage is actually two different buildings. One part of the vicarage was moved to Pajala from the church grounds in Kengis in the 1850's.

The vicarage was the home of the first vicar in Pajala, the sobriety advocate, botanist and scientist Lars Levi Laestadius. He lived there from 1849 until his death in 1861, when he was only 61 years old.

He died in this old vicarage in his chamber lying on a bear rug on the floor. The vicarage was used for many years after his death as a leaseholder residence and was also used as military quarters during World War 2.
Source: Heart of Lapland

The worlds largest sundial

The world's biggest sundial today is in the Torne Valley, north of the Arctic Circle. The Guinness Book of Records has put Pajala, northern Sweden, on the map, and its sundial - formed as a "round square". The sundial in Pajala, 38.33 m. in diameter, holds the world record, according to the Guinness Book of Records. The previous record was held by Disney World in Orlando, Florida, with 37.18 m.

The central square in Pajala, through its size and latitude, offered conditions for a sundial dedicated to the Midnight Sun. Architect Mats Winsa took his inspiration from the square in Siena, and for the sculptures in the park - astronomical instruments in India dating back to the 18th century. Naturally, it was a challenge to compete with the previous record from 1991 by the world-famous Japanese architect, Arata Isozaki.

The sundial captures the sun's movement by allowing the shadow of the central gnomon to fall across the hour divisions of the surrounding posts. The gnomon, like the Earth's axis, points toward the Pole Star, which according to Finnish-Ugrian mythology (the region has Finnish roots) holds up the firmament. The "sun wheel" embedded in the ground here (forming a cross in the circle) is in fact a calendar. Water bubbles up from four sources corresponding to the four principal points of the compass. The water gathers in the central pond, which was designed with children in mind.
Source: Pajala Kommun

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